Dysza drukująca napisy Flashwall

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As an attractive and vibrant element this modular
interactive water wall is suitable for the use in
public areas, such as Shopping malls, office com-
plexes and theme parks. The unique arrangement
of the nozzles allows for an extremely dense cur-
tain of water, which guarantees high visibility.
This water curtain creates graphics, designs, char-
acters, etc., which can be represented through the
use of a fast reacting valve technology. Thereby the
OASE FlashWall allows for almost unlimited oppor-
tunities to convey (advertising) messages. In option-
al combination with an SMS interface it can be also
used as an interactive communication platform.
Product characteristics at a glance

  Modular build flash wall (module length: 720mm)

  Allowing for seamless extension limited only
    by the water consumption

  Close packed nozzle/ valve arrangement for
    dense water curtain guaranteeing high resolution

  Nozzle orifice diameter: 5 mm

  Theoretical optical density: 44,4 %  
    (e. g. nozzle / space ratio)

  Ideally suited for rear projection for videos
    and laser graphics

  Precise valve control via DMX/CAN

  Accurately defined text and graphics displays
    due to fast reacting valve technology

  Optional: LED RGB Illumination

  Optional: SMS interface for the display
    of personal text messages
Technical details

  For fresh-water, max 50 my particles allowed

  110-240V  50/60 Hz power supply

  Transformers can be at the flash wall or in separate
    area control cabinet ,depending on environment

  Max. height recommended 10m  
    (under zero wind condition)

  Nozzle diameter 4,5 mm